Monday, September 14, 2009

Oink Babble

One of the simple yet wonderful thing I love about my friends is the fact they will always find a way to write their status messages in a creative or geeky way.  Each time I fire up Yahoo! Messenger to give me a glimpse of which friends are online, I find myself seeing status messages that range from simple, to strange, to outright thought-provokingly profound.

For instance, one of my friends had this as a status message:
"Back to reality"

One can read this in so many ways.  Did he indulge in some fantasy prior to his status message being written?  Was he actually able to transmute himself into a figment of a dream?  Or is he shunning the real world and having his "back" towards the facts of life?

Another said:
"200% Sexy"

And while my friend is absolutely without a doubt that sexy, I can only imagine the amount of confidence one such as myself would need to be able to ever make that claim.  I know I'm quite funny.  And tall.  And charming in my own way.  I wonder how does one know how to apportion percentages to them though.  Maybe I'm just 105% Confused :-P.

Another wrote:
"at TK session"

I have a friend who is practicing telekinesis?!!??  Or is it taekwando?  Or a session with people from Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand located in the South Pacific? 

Then there's the friend who claims:
"is watching good dick"

Ooookay.  TMI moment there.  Even if it meant he was watching this, sadly reading that status combined with knowing the guy who posted it kinda gave me a mental image I could have done without.   One must wonder, however, what constitutes as "good dick," eh?

Lastly, I leave you with:


1 707@||'/ !>373$7 |>|@'/60'/z. |>|z $4|21\/3| |_||> & !>13.


I love my friends.


  1. Good dick makes for good pet. Or is it the other way around? :p

  2. Wah, I don't wanna know! Hahahah!



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