Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wondering Where They've Gone.

Once again, my penchant for trusting my friends and being very very generous with my own stuff is biting back. Going through my comics, hoping to be able to get Rocky started in other favorites such as The Authority and Kabuki, I've slowly begun to realize how much more stuff I am really missing. While I can attempt to list them all down (Kabuki Circle of Blood, The Stormwatch book where Midnighter and Apollo first appear, The first volume of The Authority, and a few other books, the Nausicaa Studio Ghibli collection dvd and more) I'm starting to realize I am definitely still missing more than I recall. I've never even recovered the blue 256MB memory stick I lost. Or a bunch of DVDs I'll never see ever returned.


Please. If you do still have any of my stuff.
Please return them asap.

Thank you.

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