Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Food Album

For quite some time, I've spent my days indulging in food and relishing flavors. Food, in all its many forms and varieties to try, has always been one of my biggest indulgences. Even when I was religiously hitting the gym or seriously watching my weight, I would have days when I would treat myself to a Godzilla from Icebergs or a Mongolian Barbecue eat out (and fill myself with around 3 bowls of food).

Ever since I moved to Cubao to share a flat with Rocky, we've both committed ourselves to learning to cook. From what started out as an adventure with rice cookers, Rocky and I have been steadily getting more and more into cooking.

While the album might not be complete, it is definitely a nice compilation of what we've been able to make so far. While Rocky and I at times makes mistakes at times in our cooking, we definitely relish the freedom we are given to explore recipes and see what we can come up with. Here's an album documenting what we've been making so far!


  1. if you could do sinigang and menudo, sisiw na lang ito: giniling with potatoes, bistek, ginisang munggo, etc. these are ulam that are easy to prepare as well. at the rate you're going, maybe next month you can cook kare-kare :D

  2. Gotcha! Hahahha Kare kare is my dream dish for now tee hee.

  3. here's a starter recipe for kare-kare: boil beef until really tender (ask mo na lang yung grocer kung ano maganda gamitin, definitely put in some buntot). Saute garlic and onions then add peanut butter (choose one that is not sweet). Let peanut butter cook for a bit, siguro mga 2 mins. Put in the beef stock then add the beef. That's the main part done. =) While you're boiling the meat, you can prepare the veggies. Wash and cut up veg that you want to use. Saute some garlic and onions then put in a little bagoong. Chuck in your veggies, saute for a bit then put in some of your beef stock, just enough to soften them. Ayan, you're ready to eat your kare-kare! =) If you're planning to saute your bagoong, then you can do this first then use the same pan na lang to cook the veggies para may flavor na. (TIP: don't put the veg and main kare-kare together to keep fresh longer). Good luck! =)



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