Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm Home.

I'm currently back at Paranaque today for work and I just wanted to steal some time to post that today is Wheelie Day once again!


Having finally moved out to Cubao, going here to Paranaque to work on the family business feels different now. While for a long time, I've found myself content to call my parents' place "home," things feel very different now with the existence of Sietch Creare. This is not to say that my parents' place was never home. Rather, it is to say that yes after such a long time, I've finally found a place which I really truly feel is my place to return home to after a long day of work.

I've always had problems with "leaving home" before.

Having travelled a lot in my life thanks to the love and generosity of my parents, I have been able to go as far as Canada, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Texas, Hongkong... and yet in many ways I never felt like I found a place in those countries which gave me the comfort and tangiable feeling of sanctuary that Sietch Creare gives me. In many ways, I felt like I was merely visiting those places, and the rooms or beds I stayed in were just temporary locations I was to rest in. Sietch Creare, on the other hand, brings a comforting sense of stability and groundedness (if there is such a word) which is ironic considering the condo is at the fourteenth floor of the tower.

While some might say that has more to do with the fact I have my stuff with me, there was a point in time when I moved out and shared a flat with a friend of mine. The place was in San Juan and like today, I had my geek stuff, my gaming books, my movies, my computer, my bed, my clothes... I had all the things and personal belongings that help define me and bear sentimental value to me - and yet the place was not exactly home. It felt... liberating, yes, and in many ways it felt like I had my own place. But it didn't feel like home.

There was a temporal sense of it being "for the time being."

Sietch Creare feels like home.
And I know, it is just a condo. It is a rented flat.
It isn't a house I own.

But right now, it feels like a place I wouldn't mind living in for the rest of my life.

"I'm home!"
Usnavi from In the Heights.

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