Thursday, May 28, 2009

Updates on SC and why you should see Terminator Salvation!

Still here at Fandom Cafe at Cubao, thankful that Pao has allowed me to borrow some internet time in order to get work in order. Sietch Creare continues to slowly evolve and grow into the home it is meant to become. I've finally successfully transplanted all my DVDs and comics here from my parents' house in Paranaque, and soon to follow are the roleplaying game books, clothes, and other personal stuff. Hit SM Supermarket earlier with Rocky to grab some supplies for the coming days and discovered over lunch that Terminator Salvation was already showing.

The movie, despite the large amount of negative buzz in media, is spectacular.
The voice Christian Bale uses in the film is not as difficult to understand as he was in Batman Begins or its sequel. The action sequences are wonderfully chaotic and engaging. Even the reveal regarding Marcus (which has been spoiled countless times in pictures, trailers and even articles about the film) was nicely done and had the necessary impact appropriate to the film. While some portions of the film were debatably predictable, the fact the director directly made homages to the previous films, just as Danny Elfman gave nice touches of the first and second film's scores to this one, makes this movie really enjoyable to watch. And let's not forget the surprise appearances of people I love to see in films, as well as the man who made Terminator... Terminator. Whenever I ponder on how these people could give this movie such negative reviews, I close my eyes and realize these are the same people who think the recent Wolverine film was well done. The incredible number of loop holes, plot inconsistencies, logical failures and pathetic effects of that X-Men film astound me.... and the only thing that astounds me more is how it is seen as such a great work by the media in general.

Going back to the present, however, editing continues even if I'm juggling time for making my new home even more organized. While work cannot be compromised in any way, sadly I've had to miss some recent special occasions (Grace, sorry I missed your 20th Anniversary! Joey, sorry I missed your birthday!) in order to fulfill my responsibilities.

Still, I would like to extend my thanks to Pao for the constant assistance in making the move easier, to Emman and Apple for their tremendously generous gifts, to my parents for their help and willingness to let me take some of the stuff I've grown sentimental towards, to Jon for our very first cookbook, and last of all to Rocky to is making this transition move smoother and more organized. Major thanks extend to everyone else for the constant words of support, advice and excitement!

Here's to having the housewarming parties soon!
We can't wait to invite you to our new haven.

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