Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moving update: Sietch Creare!

Been going through the process of moving my personal stuff to the new condo at Cubao and so far things are going very well.  Barring some issues regarding what mattress I could bring, to breaking a mirror (no, I don't believe it will bring any bad luck) within the first day, the move has been quite fun and exciting.  On the far wall, my comic boxes now proudly stand in display with Rocky's other comics, toys and game stuff.  Soon, that side too will be housing my roleplaying game books and  perhaps a pig or two.  Facing that wall, a newly purchased television is soon to be in place, with a hexagon glass table between then filled with various CCGs a guest can opt to try playing.  Near the kitchen corner, the desk top computer has been set up to maximize the space, and from there the mini hallway leads to the bathroom, bed room and what most likely will become a walk in closet.   While the plan of having two bedrooms was considered, many more logical reasons (such as ventilation needs) clearly pointed at having a single bedroom instead.

Morning soon came and neither Rocky nor I could get any sleep. Transforming the empty condo into a home was just too exciting.  The morning sun rose to bathe the whole place in warm golden light, which is fantastic save for the fact there are times Rocky and I both find sleep time hitting the day time. 

But yeah, the new home is starting to feel like home.  Like a safe sanctuary, which is the meaning of part of its name, "sietch" which Rocky wants to call it.  In many ways, the place too is a place of freedom and creativity.  A place to be ourselves and to enjoy the things we love, be it geek stuff, nerdy moments or whatever else makes our brains, hearts, and souls alive.

Sietch Creare.
The safe sanctuary to create.

The move continues.  More stuff to bring over, from my tons of DVDs, to the Playstation 2, the huge collection of rpg books, the music cds ranging from Tori Amos, to movie scores, to Alanis, Janet, Sugar Hiccup, Eraserheads,  Jason Mraz and many other artists, clothes, additional towels, beddings, and maybe a few more memories I've locked away through the years.   But definitely, I'm overjoyed to be making this step foward in life.

Everyone should do something like this at least once in their life. 

Check out the very few pictures here.
And feel free to check out Rocky's own post on the move here too.
Don't worry folks!  Housewarming schedules are soon to be released, with all who with to join being reminded it will be a potluck thing.  :-)

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