Monday, May 04, 2009

I don't need convincing either.

It is sad how there are people who still embrace the idea that the whole world owes them something.   How an act of generosity inspired by love is not seen as that, but instead willingly misread to mean one deserves to be treated and to lose that is selfishness on the generous one's part.

I've had my share of times when I was the proverbial piggy bank of someone else.  Times when my bending over backwards to please my (then) partner or my attempts to bury my own interests in lieu of the other's preferences were not seen as love-inspired acts meant to please... but instead were seen as "expected" things.

I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend how someone could embrace such a self-centered view of a relationship.   And though I will admit that there will always be some level of "self" in any decision made, I find it completely unthinkable that someone could demand such expectations from another instead of seeing them as the generous or kind act as they actually are.

This way of thinking isn't too far off from the strange occasional street vagabonds who knock on your window, asking for alms, and if you choose out of kindness to give something to one, the others come rushing to your window, asking.. nay, demanding for more.   And the moment you withhold or say you can't give more, they paint YOU as the selfish one.  They rap at your window or slam a fist against your car door. They call you names or spit on your windshield.   They spread lies about you to others and paint themselves the victim of some heinous crime that was never even committed.

Why do such people still exist?  How can they actually even live with knowing they think and act that way?

I don't need convincing though. 
I know they are real.


  1. easy there tiger.... calm your nerves. heheheheheh

  2. Tiger? Suddenly imagined you to be Mary Jane Watson Parker and me, Spider-Man Tee hee! Well, I am a Tobie after all.

  3. ahahahahahaha oo nga pala, tobie ka rin (naks) pero dapat si EGG mo yung MJ mo hehehehehehe

  4. Haaay... Two words, Tobie: Premature Wrinkles

    Sige ka, ahehehehehe... :P



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