Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cubao in less than week? Di nga?

Countdown has begun.

Less than a week to go before the new geek nest is finally truly real.  Already, I'm excitedly mapping out what I'll be bringing with me, from the computer to the tiny refrigerator and all this and that, and the surplus of ideas on decor and set-up are absolutely overwhelming.  Thankfully, Rocky is there to help smack some sense into me every now and then.  Rocky will be sharing the apartment with me and we're gonna transform the place into a fantastic new abode for gaming, toys, comics, fandom stuff and everything else we love which other people might have trouble appreciating!  Why?  Because it is our home! Tee hee!

We have even begun looking into cooking options (since neither of us really cook, although I can prito stuff and have baked a few things in my time, Rocky naman knows how to make good rice and will definitely get a coffee maker.) and have been toying with the fact a rice cooker can supposedly cook more than rice.  

But yeah, we're definitely looking into having a good way to display the books, the toys, and the comics we've loved and love sharing to others.  No hiding them in the closet or locking them away in the dark anymore.  I get to even have my rpg books easily accessible, something which was unthinkable during the 80s and 90s when there was still a "burn the books" phase due to them being mistakenly linked to satanism and crap like that.

Of course, with this bit of news we already have a lot of other friends asking when the house warming parties will be.  While we're certain we will be inviting you people over to see our new place someday, we definitely will have to map out the whens and hows first considering the initial move does always have a bit bite into the budget.  Not to mention the place might not be able to accomodate far too many people, so we may have to consider dividing the house warming activies into groups.

As with any move, there are a lot of emotions moving around as well.  I am already forseeing some raw moments we'll have to survive if not learn to simply accept.  I even recall my parents once finding it very very difficult to let me go when I moved out to a flat in San Juan.  This move, I anticipate, while will be easier to accept, will have much more emotional crunch to munch on.  There will be the items of sentimental importance that one can't bring, the pets one can't have, or maybe even the simple joys one can no longer indulge in, but ultimately its all for the best.  All things have to start from somewhere, and all birthing have their pains. 

Will keep you all posted when the Garapata finally calls Cubao home.
And will let you know when you can all get to see it!


  1. Ah, food options. I didn't really learn to cook till I moved to Yale. You could always come to the house and we can have a cooking date. :D Or we can come over. ;)

  2. Whenever I think of you two, I always have this weird smile on my face that I can't remove even if I pinch myself.

    I guess true joy really is contagious. :D I'm really happy for you both...

  3. baka mag Cooking Mama nights muna kami diyan, to learn.
    Sino teacher namin? Or lahat kayo may dish ituturo?

  4. Promise... in due time!

  5. cooking id easy..believe me,guys.

  6. :-)
    Excited to explore that road!



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