Friday, May 22, 2009

And yes, nagsimula ang conversation na ito dahil sa ipis.

Arianne Marzan: oooooohhh song
Arianne Marzan: so cheezy
Tobie: baduy ko noh
Tobie: hahahah
Arianne Marzan: well, glad you're happy! and in love
Arianne Marzan: love makes you baduy
Tobie: hhehehe
Tobie: always was
Tobie: president ako ng Baduy Pride
Tobie: are you proud to be baduy
Tobie: hahaha
Arianne Marzan: i'm not baduy
Arianne Marzan: i'm cool
Tobie: aww
Tobie: but Cool is just Baduy in Denial
Tobie: there is a Baduy in every one of us
Arianne Marzan: okayyyy
Arianne Marzan: if you say soooo
Tobie: every person is a baduy in disguise
Tobie: hahaa
Tobie: mga quotables yan!
Arianne Marzan: i'm not in love so i'm not baduy
Tobie: dalaga ka pa
Tobie: kasi eventually
Tobie: the baby is now a baduy
Arianne Marzan: ehe as of now, i'm not baduy
Arianne Marzan: I'm COOL
Tobie: you sure?
Tobie: hay naku
Tobie: mark my words
Tobie: and yes, that's why i will post it sa blog ko
Tobie: one
Tobie: day
Tobie: someday
Tobie: in love ka
Tobie: at BADUY ka rin!
Arianne Marzan: let's see about that


The ipis reference?
Naku don't ask.
:-P Basta ask Yanie na lang why Tobie has trouble killing any roaches that are upon a surface higher than his knees.

1 comment:

  1. i agreee. there's a little baduy inside everyone of us. and, what could be cool now will be baduy several years from now.



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