Tuesday, May 12, 2009

8-Bit Decor wanted.

The move to the new flat is happening very soon. Renovations have begun and according to Pao, there's a huge chance that the place will be all ready by the end of the month. It is very hard to explain how excited I am for this!

One of the biggest things I want to find a way to do is to have 8-bit decor somehow in the house. While the easiest way to do this is via posters or to actually paint the walls, part of me can't help but want to find a way that such decor can be either interactive or adaptive. With my Egg determined to have a whiteboard on the wall (think The Big Bang Theory!) I feel very tempted to search for 1x1 colored magnets to use as "pixels" to create myself some pixel art. Sadly, I have no idea of any place that sells magnets in that size and color for cheap.

Another part of me is tempted to create a plastic-covered wall on one end of the house, then either have numerous plastic sleeves where the paper pixels could be slid into, or have the plastic "whiteboard marker" friendly to be able to have drawings and the like done on it.

Gah! The ideas! The dreams!
I can't wait!

One thing is for certain: Egg and I are definitely excited about this chapter that is slowly coming into focus in our lives.

Gonna keep you all updated, my friends!

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