Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Awakening: Touch Me

Where I go, when i go there,
No more memory anymore-
Only men on distant ships,
The women with them, swimming with them, to shore...

Where I go, when I go there,
No more whispering anymore-
Only hymns upon your lips;
A mystic wisdom, rising with them, to shore...

Touch me-just like that.
And that-oh, yeah-now, that's heaven.
Now, that I like.
God that's so nice.
Now lower down, where the figs lie...

Moritz: (Spoken)
Still, you must admit, with the two anatomies, it truly is daunting.
I mean how everything might..

Melchior: (Spoken)
Measure up?

Moritz: (Spoken)
Not that I'm saying I wouldn't...I wouldn't want to not...would ever not want to...

Melchior: (Spoken)

Moritz: (Spoken)
I have to go.

Melchior: (Spoken)
Moritz, wait.

Where I go when I go there,
No more shadows anymore-
Only men with golden fins;
The rythm in them, rocking with them, to shore...

Where I go when I go there,
no more weeping anymore.
Only in and out your lips;
the broken wishes, washing with them, to shore.

Touch me-all silent.
Tell me-please-all is forgiven.
Consume my wine.
Consume my mind.
I'll tell you how, how the winds sigh...

Touch me-just try it.
Now there-that's it-God that's heavan.
Touch me.
I'll love your light.
I'll love you right...
We'll wander down, where the sins lie...

Touch me-just like that.
Now lower down, where the sins lie...

Love me-just for bit...
We'll wander down, where the winds sigh...
Where the winds sigh...
Where the winds sigh...


  1. I am soooo watching this in September. Hehehe

  2. Nood tayo! Sabay ka sa date when I watch it with my Egg.

  3. Ay, third wheel ako? Hihihi. Nahiya ata ako....

  4. Loko. Bring your own Egg.

  5. Hahaha! Naku, na pressure ako... So I should work between now and September. Yikes!!!



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