Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Breaking Free

Originally, I had begun to write this post with a serious matter in mind.  But I guess one has to thank the wonderful unpredictable powers of chaos and the sense of humor innately existing in world diversity.   I know some might call me racist for this, but its not that.  I just really found the "unexpectedness" of the dubbing to really throw me off balance with laughter!  The choices for the voices also just makes me really really WONDER what was going on in their heads when they casted those talents for this.

Everyone knows Breaking Free from High School Musical.
But trust me, watch these videos and try not to laugh out of the unexpectedness of the dubbing to make each one "world friendly."

I love our world and its diversity!
But I love unintentional funny results more!

To my egg, yes, there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach!


  1. In fairness, magaling yung dubbing for Troy in the first video. It really sounds like Zac Efron! :D

  2. The first video was actually neat and just gave it a cool funny telenovela feel.
    The second, however, parang anak siya ni Yoda!



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