Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Here Kitty kitty kitty... hear me roar?

While the very idea of Catwoman returning to the big screen for the reimagined Batman franchise is a frightening prospect (with the role having so excellently portrayed before by Michelle Pfeiffer, and a second incarnation so horribly done by Halle Berry) the idea of casting Marion Contillard of La Vie En Rose just tickles me excited.

Sorry, this IS a fan poster.

But damn... I would love to see this happen.    Catwoman.  Riddler.
Cat and Mouse games.

I would love to see that indeed.


  1. Hmmm....for sometime rumor had it that Angelina Jolie would be doing it.

  2. i thought it was rachel weisz (tama ba?) and eddie murphy as the riddler then shia lebouf as robin.. that was the first press release.. but marion is an excellent choice.. i adore her

  3. Ay wag. Wag naman.
    Jolie be better as Poison Ivy.

  4. Naw, i doubt it.
    They'd avoid too huge names like that. Doesn't sound like Nolan's style to cast Shia. Not to mention Robin will NEVER be in the films while Christian Bale and Nolan are. 100% sure.

  5. well even before Dark Knight, either another spin off or a next villain in Batman 3, Jolie is a top contender for the role. 2nd to her was Rachel Weisz and Kate Beckinsale

  6. katherine heigl as poison ivy.. whatchathink??



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