Saturday, March 07, 2009

Because you are worth it...

The past few days have been harder to go through. Maybe its because in some ways I've already absolutely and simply fallen for you. Or maybe it is because in many ways, I know things cannot move forward without the necessary fifteen steps backward.

Still, the difficulty is merely due to the desire to see you.
The frustration is in knowing my place. In knowing things must be allowed to come to pass on their own time.
And the understanding that if you need me, you will let me know.

Funny how something as inane as a daily horoscope suddenly fits in though. Lemme just post here what I got for today:

Your horoscope for March 7, 2009
You can't always follow the same objective, Tobie, especially where your professional life is concerned. The current period will be asking you to be more adaptable, which is not one of your favorite characteristics. Every day things change a lot more than you imagine they do. You have a certain tendency to try to hang on to old ways, rather then embracing the new ones. For a change, try to go with the flow, Tobie.

Your lovescope for March 7, 2009
Love teaches us to be free. We all need to learn to express our feelings, without being criticized by others. The position of the planets creates an atmosphere in which it is likely that you and your lover are like a tree growing. One of you has deep roots, to nourish and to make things grow. The other has the branches that spread out to the sky. To touch the stars, you both need to learn from each other.

All signs point to being patient. All signs tell me this isn't one night only. Any shining star up there would agree, I love you I do, so there's no need to beg for mercy or struggle to get closer. Heaven is what I feel and it ain't just because I can't get you out of my head. It is just the way I am as written in the origin of love. I'm yours. And I'm telling you, I'm not going to be alone.

I found you.
You found me.
We can never ever be separated again.

So I must wait a year. 365 days.
525,600 minutes.

What's a year compared to a lifetime together afterwards?

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