Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Am I ready?

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever take that step.
Living in the shadows of half-uttered details and incomplete narratives can only go for so long.  
And a huge part of all this limited honesty has kept some of the people whom I care for the most from being able to truly know and understand me.

I know. 
I clearly know that not everyone can be as open-minded.
Not everyone can comprehend certain things.

But sometimes, one begins to realize there is a desperate urge and need to be understood.
To be clearly known.

To be out in the open for others to truly recognize.
To truly, after so long, for the first time be properly introduced.

Maybe this is the year.
Help me get ready?


  1. somehow I'm reminded of the song 'As If We Never Said Goodbye'

  2. So you're really the authentic two hundred and first reincarnation of the Greek god Pan, and also the appointed warrior who will lead the battle against the Anti-Christ?


    Hehe, kidding aside, we're here for you, Tobes. *hugs* :)



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