Saturday, February 28, 2009


The time is now 5:30pm and I am still toiling away at work. Haven't slept since around 4:00pm yesterday and I still got some errands to run before I can escape away to attend Lynn's costumed birthday bash, which is really worrying me because I might either fall asleep after work only to awaken hours later with the party already over OR I do show up at the party, then promptly lie down and sleep.

And I still don't HAVE a costume.

Although I have FIGHT! ready as per Lynn's request, I was not able to borrow the outfit I wore in the Tom Birthday Bash performance last Feb 25. Nor have I hit the gym recently so coming in blue body paint and a black thong as Dr. Manhattan ain't gonna cut it either.

Crap crap crap... I hate this. I hate not being able to have fun with my friends and go all the way in making it fun.

But I guess one just has to focus on the small joys and tiny miracles in life. Going to drag Rocky with me to the party and get him to finally meet more NWA people face-to-face again. Like me, he's been absent in many geek-foolery and its about time he started being present again. Highly considering escaping to the gym to at least puff myself up a tad and try to claim I'm Johnny Bravo or something, but that's very unlikely given my state of strength and remaining stamina. But still, at least my paunch hasn't returned with a vengeance. And lastly, business, while overwhelming, is very very good. One cannot really complain if the business makes money.

But there you go. Here's hoping I can Extra Joss myself up some energy to have a wild party with the geekfolks tonight. Happy Birthday to you, Lynn! Aminin mo na kasi, sister, mahilig ka na rin sa mga fag hag anthems! I distinctly recall sending you some!

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