Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just takin a moment to say...

I love my friends.

I have lots of friends. Different little groups lumped by shared interests. The geeks of NWA I love. The comics people. The gamers. The greenies. And most recently, are the friends I've made who love to dance the night away with me.

So here's a post for these particular new friends.

Valentine's day is just around the corner and for me, the day is more than just the annual day to celebrate with a date at some fancy restaurant... or at least was meant to be more til circumstance, distance and other reasons have made it back into just that kind of a day.

So, although I am single and have no plans of really having a date for this particular day, I am still very happy to have friends whom have been there for me through thick and thin these past few months, reminding me of who I am, what I can be and why I do what I do. There were some slip ups, that much I shall admit, as well as some friends who did not turn out to be worth befriending, but ultimately, from the many I have met these past few months, the diamonds in the rough were unearthed.

Thank you for being my friend, guys. And congratulations on your successful ventures in love! Advanced Happy Valentine's Day.

(thanks to Alvin D. for the pictures!)

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