Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Just realized, one month of Gym so far...

Decided to post these pictures for an easy glimpse at how I've managed to get my ass into gear and my body into a healthier frame.  The huge paunch I had way back can easily be glimpsed in the picture above.  The picture on the top most was quite some years ago, back when Isha and I took a trip to Makiling area.  The picture following that with me in the Tommy H striped shirt was a few months after the Makiling one, with my tummy still quite evidently visible.  Following that was the "Mountain Dew" pool when ABBA had its company outing with me having been much more actively swimming and watching what I eat.  Still no, gym attempts back then save for the very brief spurt which barely lasted a month.

Total Tally so far:
Month One:Jan 2-Feb 02:
Gym - 15
Bar - 17

While it does feel bad to know I went to the bars more often than hit the gym last month, I do find myself giddy to realize I hit the gym 15 times in 31 days.   Although I do plan to go later today, I kinda have to scrounge up the monthly fee first.  Haven't been able to withdraw money yet so I definitely have to consider a stop by the bank before hitting Vigor later.

Tummy acting up a bit, however, so will have to wait and see if I can do so.


  1. pocha... mountain dew!

  2. Update:

    Crap! Its 10pm. And I am not done with work.
    Guess gym will have to wait til tomorrow. Heheheh!



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