Thursday, February 19, 2009

I feel like I'm Lindy Hopping through life

The wikipedia describes Lindy Hop as follows:

Lindy Hop is an African American dance, based on the popular Charleston and named for Lindberg's Atlantic crossing, that evolved in New York City in 1927. It is a fusion of many dances that preceded it or were popular during its development but is mainly based on jazz, tap, breakaway and Charleston. Lindy Hop co-evolved with jazz music and is a member of the swing dance family. It is frequently described as a jazz or street dance.

In its development, Lindy Hop combined elements of both solo and partner dancing by using the movements and improvisation of black dances along with the formal eight-count structure of European partner dances. This is most clearly illustrated in Lindy's basic step, the swingout. In this step's open position, each dancer is generally connected hand-to-hand; in its closed position, men and women are connected as though in an embrace.

Revived in the 1980s by American, Swedish, and British dancers, Lindy Hop dancers and organizations can now be found in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

As of the last few days, my life has started to feel like one amazing Lindy Hop sequence, with hurdles to leap through, steps to carefully maneuver and proper timing to assess.  While the rest of the world may be content toiling away as gears in the great economic machine, I've been taking a few air steps and reaching for the clouds just to breathe in the fresh air (even if I fully know a leap will only have you airborne for so long, and I'm falling back down into reality within seconds).

In very many ways, attitude helps me get through the challenges.  Keeping a positive outlook, charging with a smile on my face, ignoring the 'if onlys' and 'could haves' and embracing instead the 'now' have all been instrumental in keeping myself moving and productive.

Not too long ago, I posted a blog post about choosing to be happy.  

Today, I guess my blog post is meant to supplement that post.  It isn't enough to choose to be happy.   One has to make steps to embrace happiness.  One has to take the leap forward and allow the choice to actually become fact.  One has to accept not all happiness is the way we want it.   One has to accept that not all joys are going to exist the way we prefer it.  One has to realize one can always get everything the way you precisely want them to be but only if you grab them alone... and that if you want others to be part of your life and to share happiness with you, then you have to learn to accept the fact you'll have to learn to dance with it.  One has to risk slamming into other people to get the steps right.  One has to learn to hear the music, to feel its pulsing beat, to jive with its incessant rhythm in order to get the dance going...

... and once one is off the ground, the spectacular show that is one's own life is bound to reach new levels.

(Kulang na lang, makapag-gym na ulit ako!  Waaah!  Hmmm now tempted to take Lindy Hop lessons.   I wonder...)


  1. if that's the case, then keep dancing - it seems to be working well for you so far ;)

  2. Absolutely!

    Interestingly, I immensely miss BALLROOM DANCING too.
    Gah. I used to do a pretty mean swing routine, tee hee!



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