Monday, February 02, 2009

Gotta get more gym

Running way behind my gym workouts. Gotta start catching up and getting more muscles growing if I want to hit my plans for this summer.

(Sunday to Saturday, Feb 1-Feb 7):
Gym - 0 Bar - 1

Total Tally so far:
Jan 2-Jan 31:
Gym - 15
Bar - 16

Had a fun time at Fandom Cafe today. Although we shot two episodes for Fandom Live!, unfortunately, the computer itself didn't cooperate and only one episode of Fandom Live! actually was successfully saved. The episode on the Death of Batman and the Battle for the Cowl was saved into the database. Our We:View of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button wasn't, which in some ways felt apt since all of us weren't exactly sure if it was appropriate to be part of the show. (We only decided to We:View it because none of us had seen Underworld:Rise of the Lycans yet). Nico actually joined us as a guest host and it was kinda sad that the We:View episode wasn't saved since it wa the episode where he was much more vocal.

Much to my surprise, Paolo and Nina opted to join me at O Bar afterwards. Nick only stayed to join us for a single beer. Pao and Nina, on the other hand, enjoyed watching the O Divas!

Got home around 6:30 and was feeling kita tired after the long fun day. Planning to be absent for the next few days from my usual attendance at O Bar to try and get some gym time back into my tally. Desperate to balance out the scales better and keep my gym habit going. Sayang naman if I allow myself to falter way too early.

The Open Gaming Meet is coming up this weekend. Most likely, gonna cancel the usual gaming night with the T.R.O.P.A. to have enough time to host a Valentine's Day inspired Roleplaying game. I only wonder how many players are willing to try a game which is more romantic than adventurous. I guess only time will tell.

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