Friday, February 27, 2009

Bad Bad Bad Tobie

I must be punished.

This whole month of February, I utterly became a lazy bum and failed to go to the gym AT ALL. Really bad, considering all the development I achieved within the month of January. Thankfully, I did retain my less-rice diet and have been sticking to healthy eating, so I avoided getting far too much a growth on my paunch.

Still, I'm lagging way behind.

Making an online promise to hit the irons this coming March. Gotta get my beach bod ready for a) My birthday on April b) The Fandom Live! episode Karen and I are shooting in our swimwear c) Eventual beach gimmicks that are bound to happen

I wonder how much retraining I need to get myself into to regain the mindset I had last month. As I type this, I can't seem to fathom doing 120 crunches a day again (although I know back in January, I was having such a power thrill knowing I was incrementally bringing the number of reps higher each week!) There is also the factor of not really having any constant gym mates to join me. My good friend Emman offered to join me for workouts if I could move my gym schedule to 7am or 8am. I am now highly considering that for both the company and the fact that means I get to gain some more skin tone and lose the pale color I've had all these years (which sadly has lead some to disgustingly believe I was trying to "look like Edward" Yeeeugh)

But yeah, the gym addiction beckons.
I shall give in.

March. The tally resumes.

It must.

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