Thursday, February 05, 2009

Almost a week of no gym...

It is horrible.

Really horrible.  And all it took was a single magnetic strip to conk out. 

A few days ago, I discovered that my ATM card ceased to work.  All machines I tried using it on replied, "Magnetic Strip Invalid" and refused to let me get my money.  Horrible, I tell you.  This, of course, had to happen wtihin the same time my gym membership for the month expired.  The result?  I have been unable to get my membership renewed.   And even worse, I haven't been able to hit the gym again for quite some time.

Already I feel the fat gathering back around my abs.  Waaah!

Forced to borrow money from my parents (not a good thing to feel, I tell you), I am gonna have to shape up and catch up with my work out soon.

Big time.

Time passes far faster than one expects and Summer is getting nearer by the day.   Need to make sure my "pakshet" body is ready before then!

Mabuhay to Konami AM Internal Sound Team.

1 comment:

  1. I know how you feel, Tobie. Missing yoga for a month was hard enough since I got back. Buti na lang madaming beginners sa class namin. Good luck getting back into the swing of things. ;-)



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