Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Workload

Almost done with work and anxious to head out with some friends.  Hitting O bar again tonight to catch the O Divas with their hilarious performances and catchy songs.  Joseph and Patrick will be joining me (and hopefully, so will bestfriend Tom!) and since we all got work tomorrow morning, we plan to head home earlier.

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 11-Jan 17):
Gym - 3 Bar - 2

Yes, I know.  That's going to be an even three on three again later tonight.  But at least, as of this blog post, Gym is on the lead.  Heheheeh!

Camwhored again and look some pictures of my body earlier.  Starting to really see and feel the changes, to think its only been two weeks of working out (and really really watching what I eat.  Heck, I practically don't have dessert anymore.  Even Aldwin was surprised that the chocolates he gave me last Christmas are still in the ref.)  My left wrist was hurting from the arm workout yesterday though, and that kinda impaired my chest work out today, keeping me from doing more reps than I wanted to.

Still, I love this gym habit.  Love it so much, I'm starting to consider dropping some vices that have been hindering it.   But I guess time will tell.  I only have so much willpower to devote after all.

Saw parts of Fernando Meirelles' film adaptation of Jose Saramago's BLINDNESS.  So far, I am really really loving it.  The pacing is just great, the touches of human nature are so beautifully there.  The unpredictability of the developments are fantastic.  And yes, the director knows how to mix color, light, motion and sound really well.  If you haven't heard of this film, or seen it, I really highly recommend you do.

Lastly, got my HOT TICKET.  Haven't watched this filmed final Broadway run of RENT with the original cast though.   EQ on an all time high.  I'm saving watching this til I can't resist anymore!

The best things comes to those who wait, after all.


  1. wow! and I was just asking about the gym-bar ratio last night! hahaha!
    sorry, i got low EQ - I'm watching it tonight!

  2. Wala na, Gym 3 - Bar 3 na ulit ang ratio.



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