Sunday, January 25, 2009

Updates on what the Garapata's been up to

Been a heck of a week last week with lots of laughs, dancing, drama and growing self-esteem.  Although I've been failing last week to keep my gym focus on target, I definitely am feeling the benefits of going as often as I do.

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 18-Jan 24):
Gym - 3 Bar - 5

Total Tally so far:
Jan 2-Jan 24:
Gym - 12
Bar - 12

Animo Dugong Berde had a little get together at SM Mall of Asia last Saturday, which I decided to attend instead of having another round of Vampire: The Requiem.  No guilty feelings, after all, Seth and Sam were happilly setting a schedule to play Left 4 Dead in my absence (damn, that game really rocks!).   Though we failed to get to join the dinner at Cabalen, Migs and I opted to hit Fish and Company for some soft shell crab salad before heading on to Bed Scene for some beers and bonding time with the gang. 

Afterwards, with Bed Scene closing, we decided to make our way next to Malate to see if O bar was read for us.   Horribly far too many people to get to dance, and even worse, had these annoying fuckwits who kept jostling me and elbowing me.  Thankfully, I kept my cool.   Got a message that Joseph and his friends were nearby and dropped by to say hi.  RD showed up a bit later, which was a pleasant surprise.  Had some more drama.  But all in all, a great fun evening.

Now, I'm here at Fandom Cafe as I type this.  It is gonna be a show about Battlestar Galactica and Lost having come back, Marvel Comics' Dark Reign, and DC Comics' Batman, his death and the battle for his cowl.

Still hoping to catch Totoy Bibo at O bar later.

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