Monday, January 05, 2009

The GYM Struggle

It is officially day two of going to the gym this year.

That's two days of gym compared to four days of going to O bar.

Gym is losing.
Had a major workout today however.  Body aches in places I will dare not mention online.

Gotta lay off on the Red Horsies for now.  At least I can still enjoy the Extra Joss to help me keep at the work out.

Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, Duffy, Get Far and more keeping me to the beat.  While Tom, Stan, Sonny, Don, et al remind me I gotta sweat it out to look good enough to stand beside them in pictures :-P

Considering doing a makeover retreat.  Vanish from the social scene to tap my inner top model (Bwahahah! Mayroon kaya?) Get my former Swimmer bod back in shape.  Tone the tummy.  Tuck the manhandles back in. 

Camwhore training continues as well.  Evolution must not stop.  Who knows, maybe I'll go all the way and even actually quit some vices.  

I know I want to do this.
I know I need to do this.

Must work out.


Am at the high point of my catterpillar days.

Time to spin my coccoon.


  1. if you're a caterpillar, i'm a giant bulate. this is as good as i'm gonna get. i'm a SLOTH!

    go Tobie!!!

  2. I was about to ask, why are you so... excited?
    Then I remembered your post in my earlier blogpost.

    So yes, may gift ako sa iyo.

  3. Naku, vampiric bulate ka Lynn.
    Ang transformation mo, into a Baklita Diva.

    Umamin ka na!

  4. Naku...this reminds me of my own unfulfilled resolution every beginning of the year....gym.....workout.....lost the damn gut....hahaha

  5. So kung Sloth ang isang vampire...that means tamad maghanap at sumipsip ng next question...ah, ano kaya ang sinisipsip? hahahah.

    ...ay, suggestive theme for 2009..Yattah!!!.. LOL!

  6. kainis talaga! sorry, tobes, hindi ako market mo! may ibang mage-enjoy! hahaha!

  7. hahahaha.... Baklita Diva Vampiric Bulate!!! Oh my gosh!

  8. dapat yata SLUT? hahaha...

  9. SLUT?

    Nah... I don't think so.
    Tom's Fave Boobies na lang.

  10. Eh di good!



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