Thursday, January 22, 2009

Technology Mishaps in Two Days

It is almost as if the world of machines are conspiring against me.

Yesterday, I was moving files to my external hard drive in order to properly begin archiving my old stuff.  One of the things I wanted to move was a few saved stuff related to Prince of Persia that I had.  Lo and behold, upon clicking the destination for the file, the estimated time for transfer popped up in the screen and made me shout in shock.

15,481 DAYS?!!

During file transfer, it actually jumped up to 54,820 days and slowly began to count down...


Then last night, my Samsung X8-20 finally died on me.  The phone, after surviving falling into water, getting trampled on, getting its LCD broken in a fight and even at one time kicked across a dancefloor finally died a tired and broken hanging death.  So yes, anyone who attempts to reach me should expect that my cellphone ain't reachable for the moment.


I wonder if these have anything to do with Lost finally being back?


  1. its all because Paul is back!

  2. True.
    With his forest on his body, he creates this cloud of static electricity that shorts out electronic devices in the area.

    Parang pang Doctor Who siya.

  3. yeah, that's what we thought.
    incidentally, a series of technology mishaps happened to us surrounding his return fro india:
    days before the return of paul:
    1. my external hard drive died
    2. dante's PC needed re-authentication
    3. Rej's PC needed re-authentication
    4. Vicoy's PC needed re-authentication
    5. our AVR blew a fuse

    after the return of paul:
    1. our blender disintegrated
    2. jovan's PC wouldn't work
    3. paul's hard drives crashed
    4. vicoy's modem went buggy


  4. Scary naman,.
    I wax nga natin siya!



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