Saturday, January 17, 2009


Already missing the work out sessions I used to have. Arms feeling much better, and legs and thighs still screaming from the work out two days ago and last night's dancing. It is a Saturday though, which means its gaming night with the tropa. Another round of Vampire the Requiem to continue the tales of "The Cainite Heresy".

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 11-Jan 17):
Gym - 4 Bar - 4

Total Tally so far:
Jan 2-Jan 17:
Gym - 9
Bar - 7

Desperately need a trim too. Hair getting quite unruly. Especially consdering tomorrow I will be the godfather of Oliver's kid. Pretty excited to be able to see Oliver and his family, considering the last time I saw them was back when he and his girl got married.

Still stunned over Final Crisis #6 which featured an incredible moment in DC comics history. Of course, there are ways around it, but it was really truly a shock to see that litmus test of a dead character done with a visual homage to the iconic cover of Crisis in Infinite Earths #7. I just hope that Morrison has more surprises in store for us.

Frustrated I can't get my copy of Silent Hill Homecoming to work. Just about to finish PuzzleQuest and am purchasing a copy of Left 4 Dead to be able to play both with my friends and online. Got also a copy of Prince of Persia but am still in the process of cleaning out my desktop computer, so I can't install it there yet.

Missing loads of people too. Stan ain't back from the hills. Don hasn't been showing up for any gimmicks. Neither has Sonny been visible either. Haven't been able to hit Fandom Cafe for Fandom Live (family stuff has been cropping up on Sundays). Miss having them ice cream runs with Mika, Mara and Chiqui. Haven't been able to toast with Jovan, Lynn, Beejay, and Hec. Was unable to attend the recent Yale parties too. Haven't worked on new film projects with Dek. Or gamed with Benny, Adrian, Adam, Nabs, Victor and so many other people. And of course, there's Isha whom I do miss and still hope to someday visit. The supposed 2008 reunion of the old DLSU friends didn't push through. The other mini reunion with my ABS-CBN former officemates hasn't either.

All in all, just shows how much I got to get my act together. Grab a planner and start marking dates. Heck, maybe even start considering having them too. Hahahah!

Lastly, there's the new Watchmen site where you can catch the score and hear some of the character's speak their lines. Something to tide us over til the movie is shown on March 6. Enjoy folks! Its a weekend, after all!

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