Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saguijo, Government and the Babe

Today, Alvin was having a dinner and drinking party at his house. Sadly, before he was able to inform me of it, I had already said yes to hanging out with two other friends of mine who wanted to hit Saguijo.

So, even with my body aching from the gym, I headed to Alvin's place and had a San Mig light para naman kahit pa paano I took part in the celebrations there. After, I made my way to pick up Patrick, one of my friends, after quickly dropping by to get something I had accidentally left behind. From there, we made our way to Makati.

Knowing Stan, Nico, Grace, RD and others were planning to hit O bar, I was torn. Deep down I wanted to meet up with all of them again for another night of laughs and dancing, but I had to stick to my commitments. Patrick informed me that Joseph and his friends were considering going to Malate after, so I decided we might as well go to Saguijo first.

It was an emotional moment for me. Isha and I used to go to Saguijo every now and then. While there, I couldn't help but give her a call and check on how she was. Being there reminded me of those times we were there, watching bands such as Pumping Pluto and enjoying the food. Bumped into Ebe, who was surprised to hear the "news" and then bumped into Miro who was happy to see me again. It was a cool night, with me meeting new friends and enjoying laughs over Red Horses (omg, sayang ang gym!)

Around 2:00, the guys decided to move to a new locale, and sadly, the group decided to hit Government instead. Two of them (Joseph included) had friends who were currently there. So I decided, sige, minsan lang naman, I might as well join them.

Government was a bit sparce on people. There were barely people dancing on the dance floor. After having a glass of Orange Juice (Php100) I realized with the prices, I might as well get something I really wanted and got a San Mig Light (my fourth beer for the night). Trading jokes and stories with some of Joseph and Patrick's friends, I got to know how much more cool they were and realized I was happy I was getting to know them.

Around 4:00, this well dressed attractive woman sat beside me and Mark, Joseph's friend, and started chatting with us. She was perky in more ways than one, suggesting the presence of other... elements in her system. And when she kissed me on the cheek, I teased her that a real kiss doesn't land there.

So she kissed me on the lips.

It was a surprise. Totally unexpected. I guess I still have some charm after all.

She asked for my number. I gave it, but did tell her that I was just here to enjoy the music and dance. She told me, "Sige, next time I see you, let's dance ha."

Definitely, an unexpected kind of an evening for me.
Thanks again to Joseph and Patrick for entertaining me.'

Off to bed! See you when I wake up!

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