Friday, January 09, 2009

REPOSTED: for some reason nawala ang first one

Just have to let some rants out again.

To Mr. Bigtime Film Na Ako,
Seriously, mahiya ka naman. Ang tagal tagal ko nang hinihingi sa iyo ang mga DVDs ko. Please lang. Why you have the time and resources to do everything else EXCEPT return what is rightfully mine, I have no idea. Papalampasin ko na nga yung na walang original DVD na regalo sa akin, ibalik mo lang please ang ibang mga DVD ko.

To Extraenous Element Who Called Me Plastic,
Thankfully, patience is a virtue. And yes, I can somewhat see your efforts naman in trying to be my friend again. I see no effort whatsoever to make up for the fucked up shit you pulled on me and my friends, but at least you're starting somewhere.

To Pathetic Ugly Chinese Faggot,
You smacked my friend on the head from behind. And she, unlike you, is a real woman. Grabe, mahiya ka sa balat mo. If karma doesn't get you, I promise I will the very moment you cross the line again. I don't fucking care who you or your family may be connected to. No one fucking hits a girl from behind and gets away with it.

Salamat na lang may mgs stress ball sa buhay...

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 4-Jan 10):
Gym - 4
Bar - 3

Gym takes the lead once again as I hit VIGOR today with the determination to ignore the pain and get my body moving again. Sonny and his friend were there already, nearly done with their work-out. Tom arrived much later. Got the USB I borrowed from my dad to work and was working out to the usual O Bar dance hits. Faltered at Womanizer and silently laughed at myself as Apologise began to play. Noticed someone giving be glances and until now I still wonder if that meant I looked that cute, or that person thought I was someone who had no right to be in the gym.

Having Tuna and salad for dinner. Mom insisted I add Chicken, so its a no rice night for me. Wanted Sashimi instead, but I guess I best have more ruffage. Worried though. Alvin is back from San Francisco and inviting us all to eat and drink at his place. Usually, visiting Alvin is like entering the sargasso sea: there's no escaping the place.

Happy Birthday greetings to Jovan, by the way, who I heard is bracing for an assault of friends heading to Malaysia (her place, which we call Malaysia kasi Malayo Siya.) Tempted to take the long drive there, but worried gym exhaustion + alcohol + distance might equal another ruined car. And somehow, I doubt I'd only spend another 50k if that happens.

Still, it is a Friday.

I don't think I want to just stay home.

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