Thursday, January 15, 2009

Progress Check aka Camwhoring again

Two weeks into going to the gym and I'm feeling mighty happy and proud of the results.  Tightening tummy, waistline tapering off, arms getting a bit more meat, chest very slowly but surely growing.   Back's barely showing promise so far, but I think it will eventually follow. 

Definitely got to push the chest development more.  With the workout helping me regain the abs I used to sport back in highschool when I was actively a swimmer, the chest is looking mighty underdeveloped compared to it.

And yes, I still have no chin.

Gonna definitely hit the gym tonight and avoid any hit of going to Malate.  Part of me is thinking of reviving my old "escape" and hitting a spa again sometime soon.  Maybe I should ring up Eman or Johnboy (my "spa-ing partners") so at least I have someone to chat with while simmering in the steaming hot water.  A good massage would be a godsend, considering the beating I give myself each night at the gym, then dancing at O bar.

And yes, I know the room is a mess.  Need a new curtain rod, have to fix my stacks of stuff and books and slowly wean in some order into my chaotic room.  That yellow light behind me, however, is the same light this room had ever since it was first built back in 1981.  So yes, my friends, that darned this is actually OLDER than some of you.

Anyway, that's all for this blog post.  Gotta finish work so I can pump a bit more iron tonight.  Here's hoping the night ends even better with a serving of sashimi for dinner!


  1. that hanging lamp is as old as me, rej, beej, alec and mark (poa)! hahahaha!

    and elijah wood, natalie portman, ben barnes, britney spears, paris hilton, beyonce knowles, josh groban, blake lewis, and many more!

  2. Scary no.

    Pagbumisita kayo, bigyan parangal ang lamp hahahah!

  3. wahehehehehe
    nice pics tobie
    you the man

  4. HHahaha
    not yet.

    But I plan to be

  5. Ang bilis ng progress mo ha!

  6. hmmm... tobie, tobito, tonyo... you're getting more attractive. hahaha...

  7. kailangan kong ma live up ang title na "sexiest greenie"

  8. Aba dapat lang!
    After seeing you, na inspire ako ng energies mo.

    All sides, inside out, living....
    :-P Ay teka, baka pa salvage mo ako!

  9. buti pa si tobie, may improvement na... ako flabby hahaha

  10. Ibang muscle mo kasi ang nagiimprove.

  11. umm... ano naman aber?

  12. HHEhehe not quite yet, but getting there.



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