Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Motions

Hit the gym today.  Although the week officially began last night (Sunday), I kinda used Sunday up recovering from the all nighter game I had with Seth, Sam and Aldwin, then went to Church with my Mom and Yaya Bebie.  By the time that was over, I was prepping to hit Cubao and make my way to Fandom Live when I remembered that a friend had set a sched to have dinner with me.  So I informed Neek that I couldn't make it and texted my friend, whom to my knowledge was coming back from Tagaytay, to just text me once he was back.  Then I waited.

And waited.

At one point, I drove to my friend's house to save on time, then called him up to tell him I was outside.

He was at Cubao.  Pauwi pa lang.  Then asked, "Gigimik ka ba tonight?  Heading to O?"

I replied, "Uh, yeah, but sige I'll grab dinner na lang on my own.  I take it you forgot."

Turns out, he did.  He apologised naman, but still it was not too fun an experience.  Although it was early enough to catch up at Fandom Live, I was just in too rotten a mood to do the show and decided it was for the best I didn't try to catch up.   Was at O bar from 10:30p.m. (I was the ONLY person there) and had my fill of San Mig Light for the night, before deciding I had enough and made my escape to head home and sleep.

Monday, I decided, should be more fun.

Thankfully, I woke up in time for my lunch with Bambi and Lolit, old close friends of mine who were my blockmates back in college (that's what..fifteen years ago?)  The lunch was fantastic, with us sharing stories of what our lives are now inspired by, what directions we are taking, as well as all the funny recollections of how things used to be when we were young.  Sayang, wala yung ibang friends namin but we made a promise to have another mini reunion soon.

And finally, decided I did not want to waste the day and not hit the gym.  Since I did go drinking the night before, I had to balance the scales.

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 11-Jan 17):
Gym - 1 Bar - 1

So far the battle between the two is even.  Did some sweaty cardio work, then hit the floor to do my 120 crunches, 120 leg lifts and 200 side bends.  Then it was a work-out for my back, shoulders and some biceps.  Feel sore and happy all over, but I know tomorrow this is going to be a major ouch.  Was supposed to be hitting the spa with Eman tomorrow, but it turns out he's cancelling it cause he's spending time with his dad on a trip to Cebu.

Feels real good to see the gym give these results, even if they're temporary and not long term yet.  Feels real good to be working out the stress and straining on the weight.  Feels alive.  Feels empowering. 

And it reminds me, if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish what I want.

Just remember it takes one step at a time.

(Yes, camwhoring pictures uploaded today.  Actually decided to post them and similar shots more frequently to "monitor" my development.  Kinda realized I'd love to look back at them years from now and either say, "That's the time I decided I can look great," or "That's the time I tried to look better but frigged it up."  Enjoy na lang!  Nakikisilip ka lang naman, eh!)


  1. hahaha others took before/after pics nga talaga to compare and see the results e ^^

  2. Consider this the BEFORE pics

  3. taray, kitang kita na ang difference tobie. wheeeee!

  4. wow naman! hanggwapo at matsu gid! :D

  5. I know. Grabe....
    But this again is the before pics.

    Will post AFTER pics siguro come end of the month.
    Sana by April, PUTAFUCKSHT na katawan ko hahahah!

  6. go go power caterpillar go!!!

  7. POWER.... hahahahah!



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