Monday, January 12, 2009

Lunch with Bambi and Lolit

Was so tempted to call this album something more.. interesting, but fearing for my own life this early into 2009 is something I rather not have. :-P Had a delicious lunch with Bambi and Lolit, two blockmates of mine back during our De La Salle University days! We ate at Fish and Company at Greenbelt 3 and afterwards had some juices at Fuzion. Alas, by then my camera had run out of juice and the two gals were giddily demanding I open my laptop to show my "Sexiest Greenie poll" pictures.

Wasn't able to take pictures of the food because we just loved eating them too much to stop. Had the Soft Shell Crab Salad, some pasta with tahong, the best Fish and Chips and an order of Calamares. Made sure to order a second "the best Fish and Chips" to go for my parents.

Here's hoping we make it a habit to have these mini reunions.


  1. di ko pa nakikita si lolita sa taong ito! hehe.

  2. We should start having mini reunions talaga.

  3. LOLz, com-arts na com-arts

  4. I know!

    Rule of Thirds talaga diba!

  5. hahahaha!!! miss ko na kayo bitoe!!! i'm looking forward to our mini reunions when I'm back in Manila.

    Natawa ako sa headroom comment!!! comarts na comarts nga.

  6. HHahahahah saya saya diba! We miss you naaaaa!

  7. aba, aba, aba... magkakilala pala kayo, jona and tobito!!!...
    SOBRANG busog ako with our lunch and merienda. but guess what? i still ate dinner!



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