Friday, January 23, 2009

Just some late night Camwhoring

Finished work just a few minutes ago.   Still in the long process of downloading my legal original copy of LEFT4 DEAD via the Stream network.  Still hoping to catch the first episode of the new season of LOST.  Still digesting the carb heavy meal I had in Yellow Cab with Louie, and digesting the complex and multifaceted events that transpired in last night's "double date."  Still using my battered old phone, which much to my surprise, has proven me wrong, embraced some unnatural superscientific means of undeath and started working again.  Still aching from the tiring but damn good work out at the gym when I suddenly realized I haven't been faithfully updated my blog with more gym/camwhore updates and realized I best rectify that tonight.

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 18-Jan 24): Gym - 2 Bar - 4

Dang it.  Haven't been hitting the weights as religiously as I should.  Nor have I gotten a jump start on the swimming habit I hoped to bring back into action in order to add some color into my slowly toning body.  Still got two more days to at least even the score.

Desperately missing sashimi and ice cream.  The first cause I haven't been able to eat it lately, and the second because I keep seeing chances to eat it all around me. 

Buzzed my hair shot again, for those who might have noticed.   Kinda liking this... military-esque touch.  Goes with my belt too. 

Oh, and I miss you.  Like the desert misses the rain.



  1. Dude, you are looking good! :) Glad to see all your sweat, toil and tears (no blood yet - or ever - hopefully) is going somewhere!

  2. Nagkablood na rin. Injured my wrists early this week so wasn't permitted to lift weights (hence the lack of motivation to go earlier this week).

  3. *look away and never look back*


    just kidding, Tobie. i'm glad it's working for you. =)



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