Sunday, January 04, 2009

Just got home... hungry...

Just got back from making sure bestfriend Tom got home safe.
Missed the Yale party, as well as Paul's return from India.
Missed the drinking and guitar hero moments with the geeks of the New Worlds Alliance.
Missed the laugh trips and smart antics of the gang.

But in return, got to hang at O bar, see some old ADB friends,
spend some time with dOor bitch Grace who imparted on me valuable
words of wisdom.

Hope you're out there enjoying the sweat and salt water.

I'm chugging down a C2 to rehyrate.
Only had 2 red horsies today.  Had a glass of OJ instead as my third drink.
Funny though.  I paid compared to when I get three brewskies!

Anyway, time to snag some breakfast.
Its Sunday!  I wonder who'll be going with me to O bar tonight.
Need sleep though.  Gym waits for me this afternoon.



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