Saturday, January 03, 2009

Huling Hirit for 2008

Met up with the gang at O bar last night. The usual gang was there: Tom and RD, completing the Hogwarts Three with me. Nico in his usual high energy self. Stan showed up as well, originally to hang at Bed with his other friends. Carlo all the way from down south. Grace as beautiful as always. And Domz as imposing as always.

Sore from day one at the gym, I wasn't able to get the dance mood til much later in the night. A pity, considering.... things.

Met a lot of new faces too. Friends of friends. Had an impromptu celebration for Lorie who was celebrating her birthday too.

Nearly had a fight with an ugly faggot who hit Lorie on the head. Same bastard has been hitting on me for months. Matuwa siya Nico and friends where there to pacify me. Freak said "Sorry," and I snapped back, "Saying only when you fucking mean it."

Nico and Stan, on hindsight, seemed to have an unconscious camwhore competition going on. Nakakatuwa to see both appear in almost EVERY picture.
Kayo na lang magbilang as to who won.

Had a double dose of Mercy, which was really nice of DJ Stone. During the first run, was barely able to dance to it when certain people kinda stood between me and enjoying it. But on its second run, happiness went up to my corner, dragged me off my chair and got me to dance.

The night had its share of downs, however. But then again, they were not unexpected at all. Just didn't think tonight was the night it would happen. Ironically, it does give me a greater impetus now to break the routine and kick the new gym habit into gear.

"Even if it leads nowhere..."


  1. hahahha... my hair is so elvis

  2. go go boy din naman ako ng ADB ah. hahahaha

  3. pati ba naman shoulder ni nico, camwhore din? LOLZ

  4. Tomato, i practice mo na yung "Thank you very muuuch.." niya.

    Ryan Agoncillo Elvis.
    Astig na pangalan!

  5. Ay...

    Multi talented ka talaga!

  6. Heheheh!

    Eh masaya ang pictures eh, so madaling gawan ng captions!

  7. Hahahaha!

    Kakaloka kayo!

  8. I sooo did not see this... and they were right in front of me... my gulay.

  9. lumalablayp ata e. all the world's a blur lang.

  10. I love the reaction of your friend, Tom.
    Tingnan mo mukha niya.

    Kaya yan ang caption ko!

  11. tseh! syempre i was looking at the camera noh!

  12. hala! mukha naman akong basag diyan! ahahahaha! sobrang di ko alam na ganyan ang kalalabasan niyan!

  13. I so enjoyed this night... hahahaha



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