Friday, January 30, 2009

Heard from a Dream Today...

Strange dream.

Had a very strange dream today. You know how you sometimes have those dreams where you're not really "there" in the dream but instead you are some kind of omniscience presence watching everything unfold? I had that kind of a dream today.

Just remembered it as I was posting today's camwhoring session, cause the dream kinda connected to it.

It started out with me seeing myself in someone else's room. This someone else being someone whom I kinda enjoy hanging out with. I was sort of just watching the whole thing unfold as if I was a bunch of cameras in the room, catching the conversation. The friend was on a couch, going through a few websites while his companion was there, reading a text message. Companion happens to see a new blogpost of mine and curious, asks Friend to click it.

Friend: Ay yan, that's just Tobie camwhoring again.

Companion: Camwhoring, ano yon?

Friend: Having fun taking pictures of himself. He's been hitting the gym lately and has been having fun documenting the developments.

Companion: Medyo cute siya... click mo nga.. ang liit ng pic eh.

Friend: I guess. (clicks website)

Companion: Ay.. ang feeling naman nito. Liit liit pa ng katawan, panay pictures na. Pa pose pose pa. Sabihan mo nga friend mo nakaka-turn off siya.

Friend: ... He is my friend you know.

Companion: Ay sorry. Just being honest, no. Tanda tanda na. Tapos akala mo naman kagandahan ang katawan. Siguro sobrang inggit ito sa tulad natin.

Friend: He's not like that you know. He's a good friend of mine. Really.

Companion: Sana man lang may face. Buti na lang walang gusto ito sa iyo, kundi ang badtrip non...

And at that I woke up. Kinda forgot all about through the day, but now as I was prepping to post today's update as well as the kuwento on Mr. Silent Evil (he was there), it was this dream that suddenly came to mind. Hay. Talk about pathetic, diba. Sarili kong unconcious ang naninira sa self-esteem ko!

Part of me was wondering if I was not just dreaming but actually picking up on something, since I have had some other-worldly experiences I couldn't easily dismiss in the past... but somehow that seems even worse a thing to consider. Hay... ewan ko ba.

But yeah, that dream suddenly got me feeling a bit more conscious about camwhoring. Maybe will have some kind of code sa title (C) or something so those who don't care to read my camwhorin updates can easily skip past them. Or something.

Ay whatever.

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 25-Jan 31):
Gym - 3 Bar - 3

I'm still happy I am achieveing something for myself.

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