Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy by Choice

Happy by Choice

The choice to be happy is never an easy choice.

Too often, we find ourselves well aware that we want something more than what we already have. Or perhaps we have secret expectations of having things much better than we currently are receiving them. It seems to be terribly inherent in human nature to want more than what one already has. Almost as if it was a social impetus to make our lives much more meaningful and our relationships much more strong.

But at times, whether it be due to circumstance or wrong timing, the "more" we want isn't achievable. The "true" happiness we desire is just beyond our reach. And it is during these times we have to learn to choose to still be happy.

No one benefits from indulging ourselves in self-hate. No one benefits when we focus our perceptions on what we cannot have.

It is never an easy choice to be happy.
Much less an easy thing to do.
But we have to.

Because it is only when we embrace happiness, that we truly can allow ourselves to slowly... internally... emotionally.... be ready to share our happiness with others. And in its in that sharing that like attracts like, and other people find us happy to be with.

Spend today choosing to be happy.
Watch how, though slowly, the day does begin to be brighter.

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