Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Camwhoring again

The quest to gain a healthier, better looking body continues!  Hit the gym again and damn, I feel great! Definitely have to catch up more on working out since the bar nights are gaining a lead on things, but taking these pictures are a great way to motivate myself.

Of course, the positive comments from friends, supporters (and fans) also help (hint hint!)

Was at O bar again after the meeting and work out last night.  Louie and Nico hitched a ride with me.  Got there to meet up with Doc, Jenny, Bong and eventually Carlo.  Even Voldermort was there, which was odd, but hey, at least I can now tolerate his presence without resorting to shoving him backwards with my hand on his face.

Great show by the O Divas, although the energy was lower than usual.  Dancing Queen player real early, but it was a hit with us sharing the moves I learned from ABS-CBN Global.

Si Louie ata na overdose sa extra                                             joss because at some point sobra uber hyper na siya sa pag sayaw.

Still, all in all a fun fun night as always.  Unfun nights are almost unheard of at O Bar.

Gotta work up more my chest, and abdominal exercises.  Ayoko naman magmukhang non-proportional. 

Oh, belated birthday greetings to Carlo Vergara and to Mario Lozano!

Anxiously awaiting for the other pictures from the ADB Dinner and Drinking fun last saturday.  Unfortunately, Sonny has yet to upload his (for certain) 100+ pictures of that night.

It is another week.  Here's hoping we have lots of great things to look forward to!


  1. waaaaaaaahhhhhh! tobie di ka na nag-aaya sa gym

    gusto mo talaga ikaw lang ang sexy. :-p

  2. Aba dapat lang. Eh ikaw, Ryan Agoncillo ka na!

    Wish ko lang ma break na ang Kuya Bodjie image at maging putchafuckhot Dave Grohl ulit heheheh!





  4. hehehehehe. the iron man!



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