Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008-2009 New Year with the Abad Clan (mother's side)

Hat Party. At least that was what I was told it would be. So I got the old Stetson hat my dad once lent me, affixed some Christmas-ey colors to it, clipped a metal pin to serve as a magnetic base for the wriggly crocodile my Mom gave me for Christmas (a refrigirator magnet) and there you have it, the gayest craziest hat I ever made that I was willing to wear in public. (Yes, its simpler than the Baby Blocks Hat I wore sometime last year, but like I said this was for public). Never mind the fact the hat SO clashes with my shirt. We guys are bound to become fashion victims every now and then.

Still learning to get the hang of this "camwhoring" business Stan, Nico and Sonny (the original camwhore... just check the older pictures) but I am starting to see with practice comes a greater sense of self confidence. That's definitely something I promised to build on this year.

So there you go, the Abad Clan with their simple to zany hats at TGIF at The Fort.

For bonus laughs, see if you can identify me in the "family hat" my Mom wore.



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