Monday, November 17, 2008

Woke Up- In Pain

They call it Night Cramps. Woke up to my right leg having a terribly painful cramp session. Being alone in my bed, lying face up, I suddenly felt my right leg go frozen in its awkward position and just felt pain explode inside of me.

I forced my leg down. Applied pressure using my left leg to force my right leg flat against the bed until the spasmic pain subsided and the cramp began to fade.

Thankfully, this cramp lasted barely five minutes. There was one time I was in too awkward a position to force the cramping leg to straighten up that I had to just endure the pain and that seemed to have lasted for nearly twenty minutes.

And I am absolutely sure this kind of pain has nothing at all to stand compared to giving birth to a child, but damn it, it was still painful.

I wonder, however, if this is the world's way of giving me a rude awakening, so to speak.
Get on your feet. Exercise! Finish that comic!

Just prior to waking up in utter pain, I was having a strange dream. I was standing in some massive field where hundreds of people in costumes and outlandish outfits were preparing for some competition. They were all dressed up to be part of some competition against each other as they showcased massive displays which were made up of their outfits when they stood together. Walking passed them, I reached a building and greeted my old boss, Beth Siojo. She teased me, asking me if I was willing to work for ABS-CBN Global again and suggested that I can even work for the Advertising group again with all previously passed benefits and bonuses retroactively given to me. I told her I'd consider and the whole dream shifted then to me wiht a group in a bus headed to Mall of Asia/Enchanted Kindom. There I found myself with my old officemates (Joey, Marianne, Ma-an, Jen, Ramil) and stranger still, old classmates (Bambi, Lolit, Jo, Consy) and lastly Karen Kunawics (who carried with her a stuffed toy of a lifelike looking baby) and Don Dee and they all seemed to know each other.

At first in the bus, I asked the conductor how much it would be from Sucat road to Mall of Asia and he replied "Isang Daan po." That caught me off guard in the dream and as I was complaining abou thte cost, everyone else too started to complain. The conductor ignored us and we all just were forced to pay. But Karen wasn't going to let it slide. While the conductor slept, she sneaked her hand into the conductor's belt pouch then liberated all the other "tickets" to everyone else in the bus and those waiting outside.

We then got down at Mall of Asia, stepped inside, and suddenly were at the water ride of Enchanted Kingdom. I had some kind of wardrobe malfunction with my speedos and excused myself while the rest of the girls decided to go on and enjoy the ride. While trying to, uh, fix, my speedos, Sonny shows up and teases me, "Natuto ka lang pumorma, di ka na marunong mag swimming" to which I strangely replied, "Gago. May wax buhok ko."

We both hear some guy complaining, and we peer out of the window to see Don Dee arguing with some guy who looks like Akihiro Sato about the water being in some way lacking. To quote Don sa dream, "Its just not enough, you know. The alcohol content is too low. Eehay moht algaysuminda. You need to mix the vodka with the rhum."

Sonny tells me he wants to go swim and I tell him to go ahead. I look at the water in the distance and watch as a yellow inflatable boat makes it way towards the first slide. I look down at my hairy legs and see my feet have gotten dirty from being wet and standing (yes suddenly) on the beach's white sands. I look up and see a film camera aimed at me. I hear it click on.

And I have my cramp.

Can someone tell me if all this is supposed to mean something?

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