Friday, October 24, 2008

Something that made me happy, Something that made me sad.

Happy first.

The Prisoner is about to me remade by BBC!  Yay!  And guess who will take the lead role.  Our very own Dr. Who, Christopher Eccleston to take over Patrick McGoohan's role as Number Six!

Read about it here:

Now the sad.

Little Big Planet is being recalled since its soundtrack happened to have two expressions found in the Qur'an.   Personally I find this sad.  What's next?  We can't have the words, "Thy Will Be Done" in any movie, script, story or game since its from the Bible?  Oh, the word angel or star or love is now banned since they also appear in the Qur'an?

Come on people.  All this uber sentivity is accomplishing nothing but more reason not to be happy with diversity.

Read about the stupidity here:

1 comment:

  1. i wouldn't call it stupidity (not until and unless i found out more about it that is). that'd be a misinterpretation of another, far more conservative culture's standards, and an injustice on my part.



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