Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Voltron: the Movie

From one of the news sites I peruse:
It's a Lion! It's Huge! It's Voltron!
Source:Latino Review
August 28, 2008

Last week, it was reported that New Regency had put Voltron: Defender of the Universe into turnaround. The news said that Relativity Media is now backing the property with a more moderate budget, utilizing the type of cost-effective technology employed in films like 300. A director was going to be attached in a week.

Now, Latino Review has learned that Max Makowski will take on the directing duties for the project, which was written by Justin Marks.

Makowski directed 2005's One Last Dance, rewrote the screenplay for the Hawaii Five-O feature, and is attached to the direct the big screen adaptation of 1970s TV series Kung Fu and the Shinobi remake.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is described as a post-apocalyptic tale set in New York City and Mexico, where five survivors of an alien attack band together and end up piloting the five lion-shaped robots that combine and form the massive sword-wielding Voltron that helps battle Earth's invaders. It is based on the popular 1980s Japanese animated TV series, comic books and toy line.

I do not know whether to laugh or cry.    In as much as I am excited to see a big screen Voltron, and in as much as I did enjoy the Shinobi remake, I just wonder how they will be able to adapt this nicely without really having to rewrite/change things.


  1. Yipee!!! Finally.....:)

  2. Why'd they have to go and set it on Earth? o_O

  3. Will it have shakeycam like Cloverfield? He he.

  4. it's a lion! it's huge! =))

  5. can't read the highlighted texts. but probably just me and my color blindness

  6. "From days of long ago... From uncharted regions of the universe... comes a legend." *goosebumps*

  7. Sorry stupid me tried to change font colors. I should have left it be.

  8. Hahhaha I remember that. Back when they thought Cloverfield would be a Voltron movie.

  9. Di siguro.
    i only hope its not as bad as the My Sassy Girl remake.

  10. Yeah. Reklamo rin ako diyan.

    Naging VOLTRON Defender of the Earth.



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