Monday, September 08, 2008

Cool and WTF comic moments for today

Deadpool in Hulk vs Wolverine from Deadpool Bugle on Vimeo.
Yay DEADPOOL in the upcoming Hulk versus Wolverine animated film! I can't wait to see how good this movie can get.

On the other hand, here are some strangeness that appeared in comics.

I guess DC comics has its reasons for these scenes.
I would really love to know what it was though.
Somehow, however, I sense we will never really ever know.

I mean... come on.. Batman's LOVE SCENE with a goat? Note, it was a goat. And notice, the goat ain't in the passive "take me pose". So not only was DC hinting at beastiality... it was hinting at homosexual beastiality.

Then you got Superboy and the Legionnaire using X-ray vision to CHECK EACH OTHER OUT!??!?! Aba.... Statement yan!

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