Friday, August 29, 2008


Every Christmas, my family and my dad's classmates of DSLS host a Christmas party for the scholars we have been financing through high school at La Salle Lipa. Last year, a number of you were kind enough to help out and many others wanted to but just admitted they heard about it too late to help.

So here's the early call then:

We currently have one batch of successful graduates!

And we have around 30 new students (a number of them for each batch of High school) who would need our help!

So to all of you out there, if you want to help out in making Christmas again special for these kids, do let me know.

It doesn't take much. Either just add to the cash fund which I promise to use to purchase stuff for the kids and their families (last year, we were able to ensure each of them had Spaghetti for Noche Buena, among other things) or simply plan out a donation of ANYTHING for up to 30 individuals. And yes, I will say now it will be far easier for you to simply donate.

30 notebooks?
30 planners?
30 cans of corned beef?
30 pouches of juice?

I'm excited hoping to hear from the first batch of graduates too. Will let you know when I get more information.

Thanks people!

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