Thursday, August 21, 2008

RANT part deux - Typhoon Ah!

My greatest apologies to all my friends who were or are still unfortunately "affected" by the Typhoon Ah!

As my friends know by now, someone whom I used to be so patient and helpful towards has now become an annoying and frustrating entity in the world. And sadly, to my understanding, he has still sent a few other friends of mine (including some who sadly fell prey to the curiosity that killed the proverbial cat and checked out his page) unwarranted and unwanted messages be it in the form of private messages, guest book postings et al.

Once again, I apologize to all those who were affected by this unnecessary onslaught.

And here's hoping and praying he eventually realizes his stupidity, selfishness and absolute failure to treat his friends properly has cost him a friendship he can never ever repair.

I feel sad to have chosen to let go of the friendship, that I can honestly say. I have always been a believer in second (and third, and fourth, and fifth, and...) chances, but even my patience has its upper limits. And sadly, his actions and lack of the proper ability to communicate and comprehend things has gotten in the way of allowing the friendship to actually thrive.

If anyone else there has received unwarranted or unpleasant messages from him, please just Block him from your multiply site. Reporting his account as one doing "Abuse" might just inspire him to create a new one (or numerous ones) and make things even more a struggle to block out.

Thank you for your understanding.

And yes, ma-ka-karma din yan in time.

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