Saturday, August 09, 2008

Paalam UEN, Paalam

Today I bid farewell to the red car that has been with me for quite some time now.  After helping me learn to drive, allowing me a few times to visit my girlfriend, giving me the chance to help ferry some (back then) new friends to and fro for the NWA 5 event, hang out with buddies all the way in Eastwood, tour the possible drinking spots of Malate, Makati and Cubao, as well as getting into a minor accident with me when I fell asleep while driving home with a friend one time...


Today is the day UEN finally leaves the confines of the Garapata's garage and discovers the new loving caretakers waiting for her.  Today is the day she drives away proud and wise with how the world works, now keenly aware of the ineptitude that 90% of the other drivers out there are made of, and armed with a powerful sense of understanding that sometimes, the law and those who supposedly defend it are not in the same boat.

Let me try to write a list of all those who had at one point in time or another enjoyed a ride with me on UEN:

Isha, Fernan, Mika, Mara, Sabby, Urim, Adrian, Alec, Beej, Nick, Jovan, A few Harry Potter kids, Mark, Nina, Hec, Aids, Macy, Barbs, Gold, Lorie, Jeff, Sonny, Tom, Tayan, Chiqui, Rd, Vince, Aldwin, Seth, Eman, Jomar, Don, Dhone, Josh, Andy, Miggy, Johnboy, and a few others whose names I can't recall.


I will miss you much UEN.

And we wil always remember you whenever we see, smell or use feminine wash.

Travel safe.


  1. awww... i'm also considering saying goodbye to my Setheus. Times are tough and I need to get into investments. I'm only sad that Seth is my first and only car and we've shared a lot of good times. But unlike you, I cannot list all of those who've had the Seth experience. He's the pokpok car of all time.

  2. Bye, UEN! You were witness in the various things that Tobie-poo and I did...

  3. Ambot.
    I have no idea what Beej claims that he did with my poop.

  4. Ambot.
    I have no idea what Beej claims to have done with my poop.

  5. :-(

    I never got to ride UEN.

  6. bye UEN... :'( hope she has lots of feminine wash...



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