Monday, August 04, 2008

Meet ABA, my new car!

My apologies to all the fans and supporters (and suppliers of feminine wash) to UEN, but it is time to move on to better things.

And what better thing can there be than ABA, my new car. (For those not familiar, my friends and I have opted to call vehicles by their plate numbers letters. My last car had UEN as its plate number. This one will eventually have ABA).

So there you have it. ABA is now officially announced in my blog as my new moto.

My congratulations to Tayan, Nina and Tom being the first three people to experience a ride home via ABA. Nick would be counted too, but I dropped him off along EDSA and not his house, so no.

Still, wish it was the beige shade I wanted instead though. Silver is too common na kasi. But then again, it could have been worse... it could have been ebak yellow.

I wonder when my Panda Bear, Isha, will ever be able to experience riding on ABA though. Hmm.. anyone got an idea how much it would cost to bring one's own car abroad for a few weeks?


  1. It may be cheaper to just bring her here instead XD

  2. uh yeah, like she said. :)

    how's it going buddy?



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