Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Updates: My Current State of Being

1) Emotional Rollercoaster
Been having major swings up and down as of the late with some personal matters that I cannot fully disclose as of now. What I can say, however, is please add to your parents petitions for Good Health and Healing to all your friends, family, and family of friends.

2) Missing My Panda Bear
Wish I could visit her sooner, but I guess it has to be baby steps until things are really ready. To be able to visit her, I need to accomplish the following: a) a means to work even while abroad, b) my Canadian visa renewed, c) Enough cash to last the trip and finance our nights out when I get there, d) A place to stay so I don't have to crash over their house.

Still working on b, c, and d. Currently accomplishing a. Getting myself a laptop. Was dead set on getting a Toshiba to give me the accessibility I need. But I heard a new model came out the week my parents were going to order it for me. So I am waiting to see how that goes.

My sweetie had a Guiness last night with some friends I guess at an Irish pub. Wah... I wish I was with her during the time. I recall having one back in St. Patrick's day with some friends (Nick, Alec, the Fab sisters and Nina) and that was the night I paid around 350 for a can of Guiness, and met that guy who looks like Liam Neeson. Hmm.. On hindsight, that guy did promise to treat me to another can when I return.

Missing her tremendously. For those who are willing, please also add "May Tobie and Isha receive blessings from the Pinya." to your prayers. Alam na ni Lord what that means. :-)

3) Samsung X8-20 Broken
I think I dropped my cellphone one too many times. There is now a fine crack across the whole screen that seems to be damage from the inside since I cannot feel the crack when I slide my thumbnail against the screen. The damage is enough, however, that the phone shuts down on its own at times. Sigh. My phone used to be protected by a little nice cushioned bag. I lost that bag for a few weeks and it seems the phone got battered enough during those two weeks to get this damaged.

I am going to have to invest on a new phone soon.

4) Gaming Keeps Me Sane
Thankfully, I still get to have my once a week gaming session with my friends. Well, usually, that is. The Exalted game has finally reached the last "major story arc" and the players are really feeling the pressure now.

In preparation for the days we are not complete, Aldwin has also offered to run for us a Dragonlance Campaign. That should be fun. I probably would create a character similar to Riva Silvercrown (although likely sticking to a Knight rather than a Paladin class) if I were to play in it. It is d20, so I'm not too keen on it yet, but then again, it could be worse.

Probably shelving the plans to play a Weapons of the Gods campaign after Exalted. Obviously had fun with the Amber diceless session, but I dunno. Maybe will hit back Changeling or Vampire after instead. Or better yet, try their new World of Darkness (Lost and Requiem respectively) incarnations instead.

5) Open Gaming is coming this Saturday
Yep. That too. Here's hoping to see a lot of new fresh faces.
What's the Open Gaming Meet? Check here.

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