Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update: Foot Facts

So my battered ankle is slowly recovering.  It was a terrible painful unable-to-walk ordeal last night. I discovered there was decidedly ugly looking swollen pair of veins on my foot.

With the existence of those veins, I felt determined to have something done about them before they get worse. The ipit veins (pinched veins) were making my whole foot ache and unable to even carry my weight [when i got injured, i was actually still able to manually DRIVE home with my injured foot.]

So, pinahilot ko.

And yes, the massage was a horribly painful ordeal.  I actually was able to keep from crying out but the pain was intense enough that I "fell asleep" (part of me wonders if I passed out).

I awoke at 4:00a.m. to find dinner left at my table, the doors locked, and felt my foot was a 40lbs. block of lead that I had to drag with me to get to the restroom. 

Don't get me wrong, the foot did feel a whole lot better.  But that didn't seem to be believable til around 10a.m.

Prior to that, I was deeply wondering if I should find my way to the hospital and have it checked or something.  I was worried what if there's something more than just a sprain going on down there. 

Realizing I had resources I could count on, I decided to try to contact some doctor relatives and friends for advice.  Eventually, good ole Dr. Ron was on YM and we chatted about my podiatric predicament.  Me counseled me that the hilot might have aggravated the injury and that omega pain killer might not have been a better option compared to ice.

I uncovered the foot and discovered OMG, it was swollen so much the ankle bump was round all the way to the heel!  My foot looked like a frigging built bicep to elbow area. The swollen area was purplish, incidating it was the build-up of blood.  Looks like the hilot DID cause the swelling.

However, I noticed too that I could now walk okay.  Some slight pain still when I apply too much weight, but not like last night where I could barely let my toes touch the ground.  The pain now is barely there and is only most noticeable when i straighten my leg forward, then try turning my foot towards the other foot.

So, following Dr. Ron's advice, I have now started to ice my poor punished paa and after cooling it down a bit, will just wrap it back in bandages so it can continue its healing.

He even offered to lend me a cane if he finds one he can borrow!


All I need now is good friends to surprise me with ice cream. :-P

(Fishing... joke! hehehe, pero if you do, Double Dutch ha.  Bwahahahah!)


  1. oh so sorry to hear it...
    will see what i can do with the ice cream...

  2. Hahha di na! :-) its okay.

  3. Hope the foot gets better soon, Tobie. If not, Urim knows how you feel. ;-)

  4. im sorry, i see u foot pain for dirty. pray

  5. Heya dude. I can't help but wince when I see the pictures. Call me Captain Obvious but that's a pretty nasty sprain....


    Pardon the language nalang pero putangina ang sakit nyan... makes my innards curl up into pretzels *shudders and recalls several similarly nasty sprains/dislocations*

    Aside from the RICE (Rest Ice Compress Elevate) bit, you may want to look into over the counter anti-inflammatory/anti-pain drugs if the throbbing gets too bad. Heal well buds!


  6. huy, your fault fightr so punch... nxt tym!

  7. HEheheh thankfully, mukhang the pain so much more managed now. Its the swelling that freaks me out!

    My foot looks like an elephant's stump!

  8. I know.

    But my attempts at apology naman.
    Will see. Bahala na si Batman for now.

  9. Let's hope the foot won't keep you from watching The Dark Knight. Get better soon!

  10. I know.. I know... Oh I know...



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