Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

Genre: Action & Adventure
The movie simply delivered.

Heath Ledger and Christian Bale have found the roles they should play for the rest of their careers. A pity for Heath Ledger, that came sooner than we all hoped. But definitely, the Dark Knight succeeds in pulling off a complex plot, multiple villains, nice psychoanalysis moments on both the hero and the villain, and the tiny homages to the comics (did anyone catch the signature profile moment? How about the "bat clones" which Miller had happening in his The Dark Knight Returns? Then there was the cameo of someone from the first movie which really made this universe work! Anyone note the mention of a possible feisty female to come in the future?)

The movie had some slow moments, but they served as good chances to catch some breath. The Joker stole the show in this one big time, with disturbing antics you find yourself nervously laughing along with. He was truly scary, this Joker, but at the same time there was no denying his incredible level of genius. His plans were meticulous and beautifully laid. His fashion sense was impeccable! (God, I want that outfit he wore when he was arrested!) And I really love how he WAS the Joker and you would barely remember the earlier attempts to capture the Joker on film.

While there were new gadgets, the gadgets did not steal the show. They did, however, give us a great glimpse of what makes Bruce Wayne an incredible hero, and that is the fact that he considered options out of the box to make something work.

Two-Face. On my God Two-Face's transformation was beautiful. I loved how it actually makes sense why he can slowly become a member of Batman's villain's gallery.

And the resolution does make sense for me. It does bring back the way Batman worked best in comics and it does nicely open the field for more scenes where Batman does his work with the same intimidating quality he has always had.

All the deaths were well-worth it too.
All of them!

Watch it watch it watch it!
I tell you watch it!
Then find yourself hating yourself after watching it, knowing you will never ever see another movie with this particular Joker again squaring off with the Bat.



  1. It's more than a movie man. Seriously. The performances were great, and the movie was great, but that doesn't give it justice. It's the whole thought regarding chaos and order that made it so striking.

    But I ahve to say, the Joker is THE Joker. Sad that I won't see such a great performance from Heath anymore. =(

  2. Precisely.

    The script was very beautiful and haunting diba!

  3. I so sooooo agree with you. A friend told me it was too long. I beg to disagree, yes it was a long movie pero walang patapon na moment e. Everything was so tight. Plus, talk about an evil genius, ang galing. And the lighting was awesome, I especially loved that moment in the interrogation room where it looked like The Joker's head was floating in oblivion. FTW talaga. And yes, it felt sad na we can never see THIS Joker ever again. Basta! Ang galing sobra. Was well worth the wait (kahit wala nang push-up scene si Christian Bale).

  4. Hahhahah!

    I loved Joker the Nurse.
    Sobrang I love Joker the Nurse!
    I wanna cosplay Joker the Nurse!

  5. Joker Nurse ftw ha! Freaky-scary funny. Heath really stole this show. You never see him as Heath Ledger. He was The Joker.

  6. you know what makes this movie SO hilarious though? Batman's voice.

    in a really gruff, give-me-strepsils-now voice:
    "Huy, san ka pupunta? Naiihi na ako eh. Ako naman, sige na.

    Bwahahahaha xD

  7. Amen. YOU got that right.
    He WAS the Joker!

  8. Yep. Medyo at some point, nagiging nasal siya.
    But I guess that's cause they opted to do it "realistically" na Batman would actually be doing that to disguise his voice.

  9. Saw the movie last night. It was worst every centavo. Kahit mga 3AM na ako nakauwi sa bahay. I couldn't sleep 'coz of the hangover. Haha.

    Loved how Joker made the pencil disappear. Made me cringe!

  10. Hey, it's good enough to know you found the time to watch the movie. Hope the foot's feeling better, man.


  12. Not only one of the best superhero movies I've seen, but one of the best movies I've seen. I do hope Ledger is eligible for an Oscar nod because his performance was nothing less than genius.

  13. Compared to the Smallville Green Arrow route where he has a voice changer somewhere. LOL

  14. Oh I love that one! hehehehe That made me scream at the theater.

  15. Oh yes.
    My foot is feeling better.

    You want to know how I got these scars?

  16. Of course!
    I wanna cosplay as that soon!

  17. Well there was this one time, at band camp...

  18. And the flute said, "WHY SO SERIOUS?!?!?!"

  19. haHaHAhAheHEEhoohoheehoHAhaHA

  20. I wish Heath did a homage though on the "hoooop... ooooppp.... ooooppp..."

  21. If you read "The Killing Joke" there's a similarity in the points that the Joker wants to prove.

    Also...the Silver Age Batman lived in a penthouse in Gotham City for a time. Just like in the movie.

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  23. Surprisingly (or not), all the local reviews I've read are in agreement with this being the Joker's film. The Joker really brought this movie to epic heights by putting good in contrast against pure evil. My review.

  24. Oh yes. Very true!

    Here's to Catwoman and Killer Croc for the next installment!
    Or maybe even Talia! Or Lady Shiva!



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